Lonely Rooster Guitar Studio

Welcome to Lonely Rooster Guitar Studio

My name is Sunny McGhee. I am the proprietor of Lonely Rooster Guitar Studio. I teach guitar classes in the Seattle area. The guitar is an instrument of endless possibilities and styles. It would take more than a lifetime to exhaust all avenues. Conversely, with three simple chords you can learn to play hundreds of songs. The guitar is a versatile and fun instrument and I would love to share my knowledge of it with you.

Class descriptions

In my group class we learn basic chord building, chord progressions, and keeping time with different strumming patterns. I introduce several ways of notating guitar music and teach a bit of music theory. We learn the diatonic and pentatonic scales and some dexterity exercises to help get our fingers going to the right place at the right time. Every week we learn a song that incorporates the concepts we have been discussing in class. The class may be repeated as many times as desired. I hope you will join me for a fun and exciting adventure with the guitar.
The class is offered in six week sessions. Cost is $120 per session.

Current Class Offerings

Beginner/Intermediate Class Monday 7pm to 8pm
1/14/19 to 2/25/19 Please note no class on 1/21/19 Martin Luther King Day
Classes are located at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Room 103
4408 Delridge Way SW Seattle Wa 98106

Class Pack – $120

Private Lessons

In my private lessons I teach the same basic structures as the beginning class. The lessons are customizable to accomodate your goals and desires. Upon proficiency we can develop our chord building structures to include jazz chords and explore different chord voicings. We can learn to play up the neck with barre and moveable chord forms. I can introduce fingerpicking patterns and turnarounds for moving from one chord to the next. We will expand our knowledge of the scales to facilitate melody and lead playing.

Lessons are offered in either half hour or hour lengths. Cost is $25 for a half hour lesson or $40 for an hour lesson. Payment accepted in person at the time of the lesson.

For more information or to sign up for private lessons please email me at LRguitars@outlook.com
Visit me on Facebook at Lonely Rooster Guitar Studio