Brightest Light

Every silver lining has a cloud
Either joy or pain can make you cry out loud
Even the brightest light carries a shadow
and the darkest night fades into dawn

I tossed the dice and I won and I lost
I spun that wheel without knowing the cost
It rolled me over like an ocean wave
with my face pressed to the sand I was saved

With the whole world before me
I didn’t have time for poor me
I took those steps then I was on my way
Because tears can be healing
Like laughter is healing
and that path led to where I am today

When I’m upset there’s something wrong with me
Because there is always more than one side to see
Will I focus on the heartache and the pain
or find a way to stand and start again

Because tears can be healing
like laughter is healing
and where this path will lead I’ll know in time
With the world laid out before me
Why would I say poor me
If something is broken I need to fix my mind

If I see something broken
I need to fix my mind